Walk Formidable 

This is our first walk. The idea behind Prom started here, in the neighbourhood where we live. Mostly known as a more upscale m’as-tu-vu quartier, but certainly not just that. We learned how majestic art nouveau houses and carefully landscaped parks alternate with small eateries and interesting cultural initiatives. Starting point: Drievuldigheidsplein/Parvis de la Trinité.  


Distance: 6,5 km
Time: 2,5 hours
Steps: 8530
Stops: 19

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Walk Flou

This walk mainly takes place in the European quartier, often avoided by the inhabitants of Brussels because “we're not expats, are we?”. Well, let go of all your prejudices and discover how local hotspots and international highlights go hand in hand. Also to be seen during this stroll: life-sized statues of ostriches, a free-to-use ping-pong table and Egyptian geese.
Starting point: Jourdanplein/Place Jourdan.

Distance: 4,1 km
Time: 2 hours
Steps: 5380
Stops: 16

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Walk Brabançonne


Distance: 6,7 km
Time: 3 hours
Steps: 8893
Stops: 16

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Our starting point is the impressive ‘Brabançonne’ sculpture. This walk is a tribute to the capital of our country as well as its diversity after all. From the Botanical Garden, once a hotspot to entertain the elite with exotic fauna and flora, to the multicultural and folky atmosphere of the smallest commune of Brussels: Sint-Joost/Saint-Josse. And let’s not forget the prestigious Squares neighborhood.
A diverse walk in every sense of the word. Starting point: Place Surlet de Chokier/Surlet de Chokierplein


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